Begaye’s work on display at Aspen Art Museum

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MEEKER — Willie Begaye, a sixth-grader at Barone Middle School, is quite an artist. The Aspen Art Museum is conducting a contest on the ideas about what is thrown away by the world — what is ignored or shoved in a corner and deemed valueless.
The museum asked that students depict art with their interpretations of the concept of waste.
Begaye sent in his piece titled “Recycle It” into the museum where more than 100 artists from eight schools submitted their work.
Begaye’s “Recycle It” made the final cut from many meetings by The Young Curators and will be on display at the “WASTED” exhibit at the Aspen Art Museum in Aspen located at 590 North Mill St. in Aspen, Colo., from April 25 until May 11.