Broderick wins women’s title

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RANGELY — Teresa Broderick won the 2008 women’s club championship on Saturday afternoon when she beat five-time defending champion Ellen Boudreaux by only two strokes. Broderick also had no birdies in the 18-hole contest, while Boudreaux managed one.
“And a lot of vultures,” Boudreaux laughed.
“They were really circling big time,” second net winner Lavella Justus exclaimed.
Broderick and Boudreaux played in the same group and were tied after the front nine, each with a score of 40. The second nine was where the battle really begun.
Broderick’s worst hole was the par four 12th hole when it took her four to get on and three to get in. The rest of her group all took triple bogeys as well.
Despite the one rough hole, by time they finished the 15th green, Boudreaux led by three strokes.
Anything can happen in golf.
On the 16th, Boudreaux went out-of-bounds, which tightened the gap.
On the 17th, Boudreaux bumped a putt that cost her another stroke and forced her into a tie with Broderick going into the final hole.
Boudreaux’s bad luck didn’t stop there. She hit a ball into the pond and then chunked a chip shot as she was coming onto the green.
Meanwhile, Broderick had her own struggles on the last hole. Thinking she was OB after her second shot, she hit a provisional and then a second just in case she had lost that one too.
Luck swayed in her favor when she found her first ball.
“It’s been a lot of years since I’ve been in first and it actually feels pretty good,” Broderick stated. 2002 was the last time Broderick won the title.
June Dotson finished in first net in the A-flight.
Diane Peterson took top honors in the B-flight this year, shooting a 104 and just edging out Trilby Elam. Paula Miller took second place, with Elam winning first net and Calista Raley taking second net.