Children’s Health Fair coming in March

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RBC —- The Annual Children’s Health Fair is coming. It will be held March 24-25 in Rangely and March 31 and April 1 in Meeker. Each year there are questions from parents and we would like to take the opportunity to answer some of the most frequently asked ones.
1. What is Child Find or the Children’s Health Fair?
Child Find and the Children’s Health Fair are the same event. It is held in both Meeker and Rangely. It is an opportunity for parents of children to find out how their child is developing and to have the chance to talk with professionals from various areas of specialties with questions or concerns. These professionals look at the child to see how he/she is developing in areas such as speech/language, motor skills, cognitive and adaptive abilities, social/emotional skills and they also check their height, weight, vision, hearing and make sure the child is up to date on his/her vaccinations.
2. What ages of children can attend the Children’s Health Fair?
All children, ages birth to five, are invited.
3. What other services are offered at the Children’s Health Fair?
Preschool registration is taken for children who are old enough to attend preschool in the fall, the Masons provide free child I.D. kits, information is available on the Children’s Health Insurance program, information is also available for people who may be interested in becoming foster parents and, in Rangely, Dr. Deb Salter is available for 10-minute consultations.
4. When is this yearís Children’s Health Fair?
The Children’s Health Fair will be held on March 24 and 25 in Rangely and on March 31 and April 1 in Meeker.
5. My child sees a pediatrician regularly. Should I still take my child to the Children’s Health Fair?
Yes. It is a free event designed to assist parents in assessing their child’s developmental milestones. The Children’s Health Fair is not intended to replace a visit with your child’s doctor.
6. Will the professionals at the Children’s Health Fair just look for things that are wrong with my child?
No. The professionals will let you know areas where your child is right on track, or even ahead of their age level and they will also show you the areas where they see your child might need some extra time, or assistance, to reach those milestones. Remember, all children develop at different rates and the purpose of the Children’s Health Fair is just to let you know where your child is at this moment and to give you the tools you need to help your child reach his/her potential.
7. Aren’t the professionals trying to find children to enroll in preschool?
Sure. For children in Meeker who will turn 4 on or before Aug. 15, 2008, and children in Rangely who will turn 4 on or before July 1, 2008, the parents will be given the information and opportunity to register their child for preschool. Parents of younger children who are found to have delays will be encouraged to have their child undergo further testing and may be eligible to begin preschool earlier.
8. My child is already in school. Should I still bring them to the Children’s Health Fair?
That choice is totally up to parents but certainly isnít necessary since there are teachers and other professionals who see your child at school and will talk with you on a regular basis about the development of your child.
9. Do I have to make an appointment or can I just show up the day of the Children’s Health Fair?
An appointment is strongly encouraged and you can do that by calling (970) 878-9525 to schedule a time for the Rangely Children’s Health Fair on March 24-25 and (970) 878-9520 to schedule a time for the Meeker Children’s Health Fair on March 31 and April 1.
10.What if I have more questions?
Call the above numbers and if they can’t answer your questions, they will get you in touch with someone who can.
Be sure to check the Herald Times for more articles regarding child development and the Children’s Health Fair in coming weeks.
The Children’s Health Fair is sponsored by the Rio Blanco BOCES (Board of Cooperative Educational Services), Rio Blanco County Health, Horizons Specialized Services, with assistance from many others.