County’s sales, use tax revenues continue to climb

RBC — In spite of national economic woes, sales and use tax receipt revenue in Rio Blanco County and the towns of Meeker and Rangely continue to climb from month to month.
The total for both communities and the county was 50 percent higher in May 2008, than the total reported in May 2007. Total reported revenue for the month of May was $798,525, compared to $531,896 last year.
The county’s sales and use tax receipts totaled $578,122 in May 2008, a 71 percent increase.
For Meeker and Rangely the increases were more modest. Meeker reported $126,133, up from $116,539 last year for an 8 percent increase. Rangely’s numbers for 2008 came in at $94,270, a 22 percent increase from 2007’s $77,791.
Sales and use tax receipts include collected taxes for retail sales, motor vehicle use taxes and building materials use taxes. Administrator Debbie Morlan said these numbers are unaudited and subject to change.