Facebook writers in agreement with Arizona’s immigration bill

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Editor’s note: On the Herald Times Facebook page last week, a question was asked if readers supported the immigration bill recently passed in Arizona and whether they would like to see similar legislation in Colorado. Here are some responses:

Emma Brown: Yes! About time!
Kandice Torno: Support it and would like to see it here in Colorado.
Marina Geist Mccoy: Yes!!!! Very much in support. All U.S. states should follow Arizona’s policy.
Edye Posey: YES! To both questions. Welfare reform wouldn’t hurt at all either!!
Jenifer Cole George: Yes I do!!! More states need to follow their lead!
Judi Higgins: Yes I agree with Arizona’s immigration police. I live in the Four Corners area so we get immigrants sooner than you. I feel that if we allow them to come up we should not be catering to them. Speak American, read American, and be American.
Dottie Stout McKee: Yes!!! We need it!!!
Ginny Love: First of all, we need to realize that this law is already a law in the USA! The clue is illegal alien … illegal … unlawful, against the law … so Arizona is only doing what is already a law, they just made it a state law as well. This is not just for Latinos, but for ALL people here in the U.S. illegally. Plus the fact that another law has to be broken before any contact is made makes it NON-racist. Do I think that law would be good for Colorado? Yes, only because the feds aren’t implementing as the should, so we as a state need to stand up!
Jessi Morlan-Hodgman: Amen, Ginny!
Kelly Syer Bina: Nicely put, Ginny!
Sarah Reaksecker Moody: The federal immigration law is most certainly a broken system. This country needs to stop wasting time talking about what to do. I worry that this will end up being “citizen” vs. state/federal in courtrooms after every “citizen” raises the racist, search and seizure or human rights issue. I would like to see law enforced without regard. Period. After all, once again … our tax dollars.
Brett Dearman: I have seven acres … I have a fence around it. If someone of “uninvited origin” climbs my fence and comes onto my property, it’s called trespassing and it’s a CRIME. My little seven acres is part of a big chunk of ground that is (generally speaking) owned by “We, The People.” It has a fence around it. If someone of “uninvited origin” climbs the fence and comes our property, it’s not called Trespassing, but it’s still a CRIME. Let’s finish our fences, arrest the trespassers, and either punish them, send them packin’, or provide a means to join us. If they can prove they aren’t a burden to our society and are willing to fend for themselves and start paying taxes like the rest of us, they can stay. I know … this sounds too simple but often times, the simple ideas provide the best results.
Brian Pollock: There are only two ways to become a U.S. citizen: By law or by birth. NOT by sneaking into the U.S.