HOME OF: Evaline Thornburg

Former Meeker resident Evaline Thornburg is this week’s “home of” honoree. Evaline celebrates her milestone 90th birthday today. Evaline was married to Vance Thornburg for 15 years. During her marriage to Vance, longtime owner of uranium mines in Utah and the Gunnison Processing Mill, Evaline was afforded the luxury of travel and fine living until they divorced in 1959. Vance and Evaline would fly from Phoenix to Meeker for the summers with their four children. They spent the summers of 1957-59 at Southfork, Roosevelt Place in 1957 and rented the Bell House from 1958-1959. Evaline was a full-time Meeker resident between 1962 and 1975 when she was married to local rancher Wes Raley.
Evaline was a homemaker raising her children and being a ranch wife.
Family means everything to Evaline. Evaline’s son Hal Thornburg and his wife Kat of Las Vegas, Nev. have five children Damon, Tracey, Jonathon, Andrea, and Vance. Her son Treve Thornburg and his wife reside in Napa, Calif. Her youngest son Kregg Thornburg is deceased. Kregg and his wife Judy have two sons Preston and Jeff. Evaline’s daughter Danise Thornburg and husband Don Munger live in Grand Junction. Danise has three children, Natalie, Tonya and T.Vance. Evaline also has 16 great-grandchildren.
Evaline makes “eggshell boxes” decoupaging eggshell pieces onto wooden boxes. She enjoys antiqueing, doing geneology and organization.
Evaline loves the White River Valley and Meeker. She enjoyed the ranch life — the animals, outdoors, and quiet — and her many friends.