Let’s get messy at Rangely preschool

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RBC I Preschoolers learn best through hands-on sensory experiences. They discover the principle of cause and effect, develop hand-eye coordination skills and practice fine and large motor skills. Their imagination runs free as they experiment with artistic designs, mathematical patterns and textures.
Provide your preschooler with opportunities to engage with tactile materials. Tempera paint can help with problem-solving abilities and learning about transformations. Preschoolers like transforming flour, salt and water into homemade play dough. As they squish it and squeeze it, kids exercise fine motor skills, experiment with shapes, and dabble in sculpture.
Preschoolers can share toys and tools in the name of a common goal; for instance, swapping pails and scoops to mix sand and water as they “bake” the biggest cake ever.
Depending on your child’s temperament, creative activities like these can be calming. Your child might like to manipulate a mound of shaving cream in the tub or pound on a huge wad of clay with his fist to release anger or tension.
Your child may like to observe at first. The best part of messy play for preschoolers is that it is a fun way to learn. Kids make spontaneous choices as they interact with all sorts of exciting goops, pastes and slimes. (by Susan A. Miller, Ed.D. from Schol-astic Parent & Child, April 2009, p.70.)
Did you know that Giant Step offers preschool for every child enrolled (kindergarten and under)? We utilize teaching strategies, are members of Results Matter and have a three-star Qualistar rating.
Giant Step offers preschool Monday through Friday. The morning session is from 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m. and includes breakfast and lunch. Giant Step is pleased to announce an additional afternoon preschool session from 1-4 p.m. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Slots are filling quickly. Register soon to reserve a spot. More information and registration forms are available at www.giantstepcenter. com.
Giant Step’s Facebook page offers up-to-date articles about how children learn.
Those who qualify may be eligible for tuition assistance. If you think you qualify, provide a copy of last year’s tax return and a letter of intent (why you need it). This is not available for Giant Step’s after school students.
Giant Step accepts donations. Contributions are tax-deductible. Call before donating material items.