Letter: ‘Crazy’ idea proposed for Septemberfest

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Septemberfest is quickly approaching upon us here in Rangely; I’ve come up with an idea for the event, but I’m gonna need some help. Here’s what I have planned, I would like to have a “Crazy Quilt” made by different people in the community and then all sewn together to be auctioned off at Septemberfest this year. Each piece of “scrap material” would represent a dog, cat, or other animal that has been rescued, rehomed and relocated because of our dedicated workers at Rangely Furry Friends. All money earned will be donated for shelter.
I would also like to invite any local artisans and crafty people who would be interested in perhaps selling some of their work and donating a portion of it to the shelter to call me. I’m planning on using my booth to do a fundraiser for the shelter this year. If you are interested in either the quilt project or selling your work, give me a call at (970) 640-0063 or 675-2078. Let’s support the great work our shelter does here in Rangely.
Tammy Dahle