Letter: Christmasfest aims to keep Christ in ’fest

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I am the new chairwoman for this year’s Rangely Christmasfest. I am honored to wish my whole community a Merry Christmas and to spread joy and good will toward all. Any who would like to lend a hand can contact me at the Rio Blanco County Health and Environment office in Town Hall; I will gladly accept any help.
I want this year’s Christmasfest to be just that, a festive celebration of Christmas. America’s constant push to be politically correct has created an anti-religious attitude. America is the great melting pot of the world, but we have “toned-down” or even apologized for our holidays so as not to offend different cultures, religions or to be PC. We seem to have forgotten why we celebrate Christmas at all. This special time of year we celebrate the birth of a king, in a small town, not so different then Rangely. I want all I meet to know, I believe that Christmas is just what it sounds like, the evening of Christ. This year has been hard on a lot of Rangely residences; the recession has touched everyone in some way. Many in Rangely won’t have the chance to really enjoy the Christmas season. It has been hard on individuals and businesses alike, so this year’s Christmasfest is more important than ever. It allows us to reach out and spread a little joy during this special time of year.
Whether you are Catholic, Christian, Methodist, Episcopalian, Jewish, Baptist, LDS or are just spiritual in nature, we all honor and give thanks for a babe born under a bright star. So let the “Harold Angels Sing,” in “O, Little Town” of Rangely, and most and above all (although a bit early), Merry Christmas.
Kristina White
Christmasfest chairwoman