Letter: Local gas, fuel prices among state’s highest

Is it just me or does anyone care that over the past few months Meeker has been privileged to some of the highest fuel and gas prices in our state. The cowboy show and ministry causes me to travel many miles around our state and I can’t believe what we pay for gas and fuel compared to almost any town or city in Colorado.
I recently went to Albin, Wyo., to do a show and a cowboy church service. Our route took us through Craig, Steamboat, Walden, Laramie, Wyo., Cheyenne, Wyo., and on to Albin. The highest price for diesel was $3.09 and for unleaded $2.89. I also found diesel and unleaded 12 to 31 cents lower on a recent trip to Pueblo. Can someone tell me what is so special about Meeker’s fuel and gas that we get gouged on the price?
Could this be the reason tourists with gas-pricing guides don’t stop in Meeker?
Fred Ellis