Letter: Meeker Classic was ‘a fantastic event’

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I was able to attend the Meeker Classic for the first time this past September. All I can say is “wow!” What a fantastic event with fantastic people! The day of the finals, I turned to my dad, as we watched a dog run and said to him, “I just can’t believe this is Meeker, Colorado! Look at all these people and all those flags from different countries! This is just fantastic!”
I’ve not lived in Meeker for 25 years but have been back to visit mom and dad numerous times. The transformation of our tiny town into a international event for a week is incredible.
I’d love to thank Melissa Kindall and Ellen Nieslanik for all their help, I’ll be back next September for the Meeker Classic!
Shawna (Sturgeon) Eubanks
Blair, Okla.