Letter: Reader frustrated by Congressman’s letter

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Proof for an exercise in futility often requires making the effort to actually experience it.
Recently, I wrote to my 3rd Congressional District Representative as a “concerned constituent,” merely asking why he voted for health-care reform. Substance for my inquiry was as follows:
• A valid question since the bill barely passed 219-212 with 33 Democrats voting against it.
• A justifiable concern because 70 percent of his constituents oppose the measure.
• An honorable intent with my concern that he would support applicable law in Colorado.
Certainly, there’s reason to question my mental state, since my inquiry presented a challenge beyond the “realm of political reality.” But, since most politicians do not reply, they simply “respond,” I wasn’t disappointed. I got what I expected — proof of an exercise in futility.
The “response” was a “fine print” three-page press release dated back on March 21, the very day the bill passed. A handwritten note confirmed “This is in response to your letter dated 5/24/10.”
We old people have trouble reading fine print and we really get skeptical when furnished with too much information. Avoiding all the drivel, I proceeded to the bottom line, knowing that there would be a strong close, which I quote: “The legislation will reduce the deficit by over $100 billion over the next 10 years and by about $1 trillion over the second decade.” Now, it’s my turn to reply. If we can’t trust our 3rd District congressman, whom can we trust?
Seriously, I’ll tell you who. Bob McConnell is the Republican candidate who will defeat John Salazar in November and provide us with the strong leadership and honest representation that we deserve.
Congressman-to-be Bob McConnell is going to send Salazar packing. Then we will have a representative we can trust. Ask him a question and you get an honest reply — not a response!
God Bless America!
Richard Doran