Letter: Rec center remodeling advancing ‘quite nicely’

The recreation center remodeling is moving along quite nicely and we are on schedule. We are still looking at completing this project at the end of August and opening sometime after Labor Day. We started this project at the end of August 2008 and have endured many obstacles, which we anticipated. I applaud our contractor, FCI from Grand Junction. They have done a superb job with this project. The replacement of the swimming pool is dictating the project schedule and is dictating the timeframe of when this remodel will be complete. Please be patient with us, and each day brings us closer to being back into our recreation center. I know the investment of time and money by all of us will be well worth the wait.
We are going to be close the temporary recreation center at the EEC building on July 3, but will be having several activities going on at Elks Park on this day. Please see our summer brochure or check it out on our Web site.
The Western Rio Blanco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District Board of Directors has a vacancy and would like any interested people to submit a letter of interest on or before noon on Monday.
Thank you for understanding and patience. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me at 675-8211. You can see some pictures of the work on our Web site: www.westernrioblanco.org, or if you would like a tour of the facility, call.
Tim Webber
Executive director