Letter: Sheriff’s office should take over grade school

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In reference to the controversy over what to do with the building when the school moves, it is the perfect solution to the needs of the county. The elementary school is the same decor as the courthouse, is large enough to house the entire RBC Sheriff’s Office, and it should be automatic to acquire the building and convert the space to house the jail and offices of the SO. An enclosed walkway (built with security in mind) from the courthouse to the school building would eliminate any fears about felons wandering about and keep the weather off those sensitive heads that don’t want to be out in the fresh Colorado air.
I for one don’t want my tax dollars spent to build a new building just to please a small fraction of the population, when this already exists.
I made the trip to Meeker Saturday and drove around the school three times and it looks to be just right to me. I sure hope you county commissioners are listening. Please don’t spend my money foolishly.
Edward Ballegeer
Rangely candidate for
town council