Letter: Sign on truck isn’t harming anyone

Where in the world is Barney Fife when you need him? (God rest his soul.)
I went downtown the other day and who did I see but Harry Watt. With all the firepower in Rio Blanco County and Meeker, surely one of them could find Harry and put him in the pokey.
The very idea of Harry and Melinda to put up a very nice hotel at the cost of over $3 million or more, so that people from out of town could stop and stay a night or more and possibly spend a few dollars at a cafe, gas station, or local stores for souvenirs, clothes or whatever. This would be extra money from out of town that could help the businesses and the town and county. Not to mention that Harry has a big electric bill, water bill, sewer bill, plus employees, gas bill and Lord knows a nice tax bill all to help the whole community and just maybe get a little return on his investment.
Sorry, Harry, but you are going down ’cause to help catch you I have taken it upon myself to call Snoop Dogg or Dog the Bounty Hunter or whatever dog it takes to put you away.
To the people who are worried about the sign on his truck, which is private property and causes no one any pain or expense, you need to go out and get a real job.
Stealing a phrase from Paul Harvey (God rest his soul) “stay tuned for the rest of the story.”
P.S. Yes, I am a radical.
Bryce Purkey