Letter: Thanks to Zellers for ‘Little Shop of Horrors’

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The play “Little Shop of Horrors” was a definite hit, but even more so, is the thankfulness that I have toward Gary and Laurie Zellers for the production of the play. Last year was a complete fiasco with the children rehearsing for months, only for the play to be cancelled; the kids were justly heartbroken and angry. This year was a complete turnaround because of the Zellers family. They put their heart and soul into the kids for this production and it definitely showed. I know my son had a blast at the rehearsals and during the shows. Now, I know it isn’t a one- or two-person job to put on a production like this, and I am thankful for everyone involved in the play, but Gary and Laurie really took charge and brought the experience to a grand level.
Kami Cochran