Letter: There’s lots to learn about our community

You have lived in Meeker a long time or not. You know a lot about your community or not. So, here is a little test: Where is Morgan Hill? Do you know the name of the newspaper that was here for 30 years, but is not the Meeker Herald or the Rio Blanco Herald Times? How did people keep their perishables cold in a place when there was no electricity? What and where was the Commercial Club? How were you able to tell which county in Colorado a visitor came from by looking at their car? What was Stray Day and why was it such a big deal a few decades back? Who was J.W. Hugus and why is a building named after him? What was a locker plant and what was it for? Who the heck was Waterman Jones? And how did Lake Avery get its name? Do you know what the rock on Highway 13 with the PP-OO painted on it means?
There is a slim book at the museum that only costs $15 called “Ropin’ the Past” — written by Rich Lyttle — that answers these questions and many more. It’s a great way to learn more about your town and help the museum at the same time.
Sandy Shimko
White River Museum