Letter: There are plenty of “thank yous” to go around in Rangely

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After reading the letter to the editor from Marty Estes, I wanted to respond.
First of all, I think each and every person in Rangely appreciates everything our recreation district, as a whole, does for not only for the Fourth of July, but every activity we have in our wonderful park, the fireworks at the lake, Septemberfest, etc.
There is no doubt after many years of trying to get the fireworks show at the lake that it finally happened, and it is a wonderful display for all to see. There is no doubt a lot of organization, planning and implementation has to take place for any activity to turn out, for the good for the total community.
I appreciate much what Billy Estes, under the direction of Tim Webber, director for the recreation district, has done for this community, along with all of the employees. We are so blessed to have such a overall wonderful recreation district for this community.
I would like to publicly thank Tim Webber and all his staff, plus the board, for all that is done for this community. For those who do not know, how about the ball games at the park, the golf course, the camper park (owned by the town but maintenance is done by the recreation center)? Then we have activities such as Septemberfest each year. The person who truly puts all of this together, with the help of his staff, is Tim Webber.
Tim is responsible for gathering the donations to make all this possible. Plus, putting together the organizational plan that causes it all to happen. Another person that needs to be thanked is Paula Padilla for all her work over the years for the recreation district. Paula is another one that goes above and beyond the call of duty.
I think the award to Tim as “Champion of the Week” was truly deserved. I also think that all of our workers for our recreation district are to be complimented over and over for what they do for the total community. I believe, as a community, we truly appreciate the wonderful work that is now being done and are anxiously awaiting the day our newly remodeled recreation center will be open.
Once again, thank you, Tim, for the organization of all of the different things that you do for this community. Plus, I personally know and see you out there not only directing but doing whatever work might need to be done.
Perhaps we need to recognize all employees of all of the districts, town and county for the work they do each and every day for all of us. So when you see these people, how about a personal one-on-one “thank you” for the work you do for all of us?
In closing, thanks to all of the board members of the recreation district for your policies in improving the recreational needs for this community. Last, but not least, thanks to all of the employees. Without your dedication, hard work and implementation, none of the wonderful activities would happen. All in all, a great big thanks to all involved!
Thanks, especially, to Tim Webber and congratulations on getting “Champion of the Week.”
Peggy Rector