Letter: This reader’s choice is Shawn Bolton

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First of all, let me say, how wonderful to have so many candidates running for both the Rio Blanco County commissioner and Rio Blanco County coroner. As a voter, I really appreciate the commitment that candidates put into the election process. It is truly time consuming. Campaigning around the county, it is so important to get the views of citizens all over the county in order to be able to make an intelligent decision regarding what candidate you will vote for. Generally you find out what the feelings of the total community/county are with regard to certain subjects. I think the candidate I have chosen has a real feel, overall, for the concerns of the county both presently, as well as for the future.
I definitely appreciate all the candidates running for Rio Blanco County commissioner. However, I have, upon serious review, selected the candidates that I will support for this primary election. My reasoning is simple: I want a commissioner for Rio Blanco County that will listen to the people. I want a commissioner who is not afraid to voice his views even when sometimes it might not be in agreement with the other commissioners. Who made the rule that the votes on the Rio Blanco County Commission had to be unanimous? I believe we tend to elect people who represent more closely our views on certain subjects. Therefore, in my opinion, I want our commissioner to review the facts and present his views, which may sometimes be different than other commissioners. In other words, I want a commissioner who is willing to speak his mind, with facts to back him up, in the general public. When I refer to general public, this is in open commissioners’ meetings, as well as at the state and federal level.
Because of the issues facing this county, both now and in the future, it is critical that we have a commissioner who does not just follow suit but is able to think for himself. I hear this constantly from the general public, “We want someone who is not just a follower but a leader.” I want someone who can be fair, but represent those interests that have supported this county, as well as protect the total interests of this wonderful county. In order to be able to do this, any commissioner must have the courage to speak his mind, after research, both in front of the public and wherever this position might take him. It is my belief, the person that can best represent Rio Blanco County is Shawn Bolton. No, he is not a professional politician, but one that can relate to the energy section in a positive way for all of us. He can, as well, relate to business and government.
I have personally talked with many, many energy people with regards to the commissioner position up for election. In those conversations they have shared with me they need someone who truly understands the energy industry. We must begin to think about the economy in relation to the rules and regulations with regard to this particular industry. I know that one of the candidates says I am ready “Day One” to begin working for Rio Blanco County. That is truly a statement that any candidate can make. The question is “Is that person really up to the challenge in truly being unbiased in opinions relative to whatever the issue may be?” 0I believe the candidate Shawn Bolton is equally up to that challenge. Is he a polished politician? No. Is he a business person who understands what is happening both at the local, state and federal level to any and all businesses? Yes, he is. Will he speak out about those issues and truly use his voice to improve the relationships between business, local, state and federal government? Yes, he will. Can he be objective? Yes, he can. So it is my hope that you can find in this upcoming primary election to vote for my candidate for Rio Blanco County commissioner, Shawn Bolton.
Once again, I repeat thanks to all of the candidates for giving us a choice. This has been truly a learning experience for not only the candidates but the general public. Thanks to you the public for taking time to exercise your God-given right to vote.
Peggy Rector