Letter to the Editor: “Green Machine” destroying economy?

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Dear Editor:
An Englishman, Lord Christopher Monckton, tells us, “The Green Machine – the extreme environmentalist political lobby – is destroying your American economy right before our eyes.” He knows because his England is in the throes of an economy that forces people, especially the elderly, to go to libraries or to ride in buses all night for warmth, because they can’t afford to heat their houses due to the high cost of energy. In this country the Green Machine is trying to shut down coal mines, deny drilling for oil and substitute wind and sun in place of viable energy sources.Lord Monckton goes on to say “These reckless anti-energy policies come from the Green Machine – the massive global network of left-wing environmental zealots. The Green Machine has decided that hydrocarbon fuels are evil and that America must pursue only ‘Green’ energy sources.” The EPA has gained enormous power under the Obama administration. For example, a previously approved permit for a coal mine in West Virginia (Mingo Logan mine) was vetoed by the EPA after seven years of producing tens of thousands of pages of documents and the expenditure of millions of dollars trying to satisfy NEPA requirements. This happened after Obama took over. An out of control EPA is operating in violation of federal law in a manner contrary to sound, defensible science. Eric Ellington, a founder of Greenpeace, withdrew shortly before his death, stating, “The Marxists had taken Greenpeace over and they did not care for the environment at all.” Many Green Machine activists, appointed by President Obama to run federal agencies, have in turn hired equally radical people to run the agencies’ programs. Our only hope is a return to sanity after the 2012 election.
Dick Prosence
Meeker, Colo.