Letter to the Editor: Obama’s praise for police rings false

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President Obama last week made some nice remarks last week at the Police Day Memorial. Isn’t that special? Those words would have meant something if he didn’t take every opportunity during the rest of the year to slam/slur the police. Examples? No. 1. The Harvard professor incident; “The police acted stupidly.” This after stating that he didn’t have the facts of the case, he just automatically made the assumption that the police are stupid. No. 2. Last week about the Arizona Immigration Law: “A Hispanic family that goes into a store for an ice cream is subject to harassment by the police.” Implying that the police are wannabe Gestapo agents. Has he read the law? Doubtful, AG Holder hasn’t. I have, it took about 10 minutes. I’m a 39-year veteran of law enforcement and I deeply resent having a commander in chief that is so prejudiced about a segment of society dedicated to the protection and preservation of this society and nation.
Robin Baughman