Letter to the Editor: Please learn from one driver’s mistake

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Dear Editor,
On July 5, I was involved in a single vehicle rollover near De Beque. I was foolish and fell asleep at the wheel. My seatbelt may have saved my life, but there is no way I should have walked away from that accident. God was very gracious to me that day and I recognize how fortunate that I am to have walked away with only minor injuries.
Most importantly, I want to give thanks to God for my amazing parents, Matt, Sarah, Ben, my loving grandparents, other family members, and close friends, including the women at Bolton Construction, who have blessed me with amazing support and kindheartedness.
Beyond those individuals in Meeker, there are many people who helped me that day who I do not know by name. Yet, I still want to recognize them and express my gratitude. Those individuals include the RN who took care of me seconds after the accident, the many people who stopped to help law enforcement with my belongings, the little boy who made me laugh when I was scared, the De Beque Fire and Rescue crew, the state patrolmen, and the staff at St. Mary’s Hospital. All of these strangers showed true selflessness and I am forever grateful.
Please learn from my mistake. If you are tired or are getting sleepy while driving, please do not hesitate to pullover immediately. Take a nap, get some caffeine, go on a quick walk, or just stop for the night. Protect yourself and others from a preventable and potentially devastating mistake.
Shawnie Gerloff