Letter: Treatment at doctors’ office spoils hunting

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Just thought I would share with you and the wonderful community of Meeker my only regretful experience I have encountered in the last 10 years of visiting and hunting your wonderful area. This in itself was quite shocking, as many times I have received nothing but exceptional service from all the businesses in town. I remember three years ago when Bill Rucker saved a lost season with a quick tune-up and adjustment in the Rocky Mountain Bowstrings and Archery Pro Shop, and to my amazement didn’t charge me a dime. Naturally, I felt compelled to purchase some archery equipment that I didn’t need just because I felt like his professional services needed to be reimbursed in some fashion. The services and quality I have received at the Stage Stop is incredible any time of the day or night. Jason Steiner is a first rate provider and a great guy in general. The services in this community, right down to the mini mart, are a godsend.
Then, however, I needed medical services when my son and I arrived this archery season. He had been battling a bad case of the flu, so we made an appointment at the clinic. When we arrived, the facility was of high standards and the medical staff was very professional and courteous. (Starla) Secrest (physician’s assistant) was very knowledgeable and the outcome was immediately a success until, of course, I went to the front desk, where I learned that the insurance I had for the last 25 years of being employed with the same company was no good. I asked her (receptionist) if she called the number on the card to verify her mistake. She said no, so I showed her the number and plan that was very plain, fully visible to her, and called the number myself to further avoid any confusion. I handed her the phone and she was very quickly corrected of her error and we were allowed to see the doctor. At the end of the wonderful doctor visit, which I might add was very quickly done, I was told I needed to once again stop at the front desk on my way out and was confronted by another person who told me I needed to pay for my prescriptions as she didn’t want the hassle of adding that to my insurance provider’s coverage, which, by the way, covers all but $8 on all prescriptions. As I stood here pondering what I should do, I decided to pay the $109 to avoid any further delay.
In closing, I want to wish all the citizens of Meeker well. The entire town is fabulous and I look forward to many, many more memorable trips here. I was actually looking into purchasing some real estate, but even if I do, I will regretfully travel to Rifle in the future for any medical services that I or my family requires, just so I do not have to deal with these individuals. I have never been treated more like a vagrant in all my life. I was totally embarrassed and felt possibly like what a homeless person must be treated like, and the sad thing is I earn a six-figure salary every year and have no problem paying my own way and am not looking for handouts.
Chad Eklund
Carlin, Nev.