Letter: Why aren’t “experts” out there coaching?

Be a coach … I don’t think so.
As the wife of a coach for many years and the mother of a coach for quite a few, I have about seen and heard it all. The one thing I have learned for sure is that the people in the stands know, or at least think they do, a whole lot more than the person coaching. This is true in every sport. I always wonder why they are not coaching. One thing for sure, high school coaches don’t do it for the big money. Coaches have to love what they do and really care for the athletes they work with. And it sure would be more fun if the athletes didn’t have parents. It is pretty odd to see people who should be fans, but are there only to criticize.
There is a group of people who have decided to run the show; nearly every show, including judging, volleyball, basketball and football. It is amazing and sad when school administrators are fearful of losing their job because they don’t hire or fire the right coach.
It seems evident that this administration has been pressured by the puppet master when he doesn’t want a certain athletic coach. It happens in other areas as well. 4-H is a good example of a place where one or two people can get their puppets to get rid of a good and willing leader. Sadly, even in his own profession, we have seen a person leave because he was undermined.
Now, let’s see, is a sport for the good of the entire team, or is it to make one person shine? Does a coach have the best athletes every year? Of course not. As everyone knows, numbers and talent come and go. The telling talent of a good coach is to keep the interest high, get the athletes to believe in themselves and do a good job with what they have.
There are numerous people who are not interested in sports, and this is fine. But I am a sports enthusiast and find it sad that politics and personal agendas have become the rule of the day. I would like to see people stick up for what is right and make their own decisions. Why let two or three people have all the say as to who works where?
Ann Turner