Meeker’s weekly visit by eye doctor comes to end

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MEEKER — For Dr. Ron Danner, this week will feel a little strange.
For the first time in 27 years, he won’t make the weekly trek to Meeker. Last Thursday, Danner closed the office of Eyecare Specialties, located on the second floor of the Hugus Building.
Eyecare Specialties had had an office in Meeker since 1981. Customers from here, now, will have to go to Craig.
“We have much more equipment in Craig (at the office there),” Danner said. “It was hard to justify equipping a satellite office one day a week.”
Eyecare Specialties also has an office in Steamboat Springs.
Staffing was another reason for closing the Meeker office.
“A key staff person left, and she was integral part of this office,” Danner said. “So, staffing and equipment, those were the two main reasons (for closing the Meeker office).”
It was a hard decision to make.
“That relationship (with customers) is not one we take lightly,” Danner said, adding, “In fact, my daughter married a Meeker boy.”
Eyecare Specialties formerly had an office located on Sixth Street in Meeker. And, for a time, the office was open two days a week.
“It wasn’t big enough to support more than one day a week,” Danner said.
However, he made it clear, patient loyalty was not an issue.
“It’s not the support of the community,” Danner said. “They’ve always been very supportive.”
Danner didn’t know whether another eyecare facility would open an office here.
“I don’t know if someone will take our place going forward,” he said. “It’s doubtful a full-time practice would be able to be established here, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility if (the town) continues to grow.”