Mountain lion blamed in dog’s death

MEEKER — John and Sherri Purkey lost one of their Chihuahuas on Sunday night. The Purkeys think the dog was the victim of a mountain lion attack.
“We have heard of some sightings in our area,” Sherri said. “But we haven’t seen any ourselves.”
The Purkeys live in Sage Hills, in the north part of town.
“John took the body to the DOW and they took pictures,” Sherri said. “Whomever he talked to there said it sure looked like it could have been a mountain lion (attack), for sure.”
The Purkeys’ Border Collie/Labrador Retriever mix was also injured.
“We feel pretty sure that the Lab was trying to help the little dog,” Sherri said.
Bonnie, the smallest of the Purkeys’ Chihuahuas, weighed, 4 pounds.
“The biggest thing about Bonnie was she didn’t know she was a little dog,” Sherri said.
The incident took place Sunday night.
“We left to go to town at 7:15 p.m.,” Sherri said. “This all happened in the short 15- to 20-minute time while we were in town.”
Sherri cautioned people in the area to be on the lookout.
“I know we are encroaching on the lion habitat and that things like this can happen,” Sherri said. “(But this happened) right in our neighborhood, a little more than a block from our house, under a security light in a yard. The lion doesn’t seem too shy. Small animals and kids need to be wary, I think. I would really hate for someone to endure a loss more devastating than ours.”

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