Oil, gas commission offers info on “fracking”

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RBC I The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission has added an important new link to its website to provide the public with a wealth of information related to hydraulic fracturing in Colorado. The link provides easy access to numerous documents, studies and relevant websites that will assist the public and the news media in accessing information about fracturing.
Hydraulic fracturing is a common method used in Colorado and other states to develop new supplies of natural gas and oil from hydrocarbon formations deep underground. The technique, in use for decades, injects liquids and sand underground at high pressure to create fractures in rock that liberate fossil fuels. Fracturing has received increasing public interest during the past year.
The COGCC encourages interested parties to visit the link on the COGCC home page — http://cogcc.state.co.us/ to learn more about hydraulic fracturing in Colorado.
The site includes COGCC presentations on fracturing, COGCC testimony before a U.S. Senate committee, frequently asked questions and links to a new fracturing fluid disclosure website as well as hydraulic fracturing webpages operated by federal agencies.
The COGCC continues to take steps to ensure that oil and gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing in particular, are conducted safely to protect groundwater, the environment and human health. This month, the agency’s regulations will undergo a third-party review by a national oversight group known as STRONGER, or State Review of Oil & Natural Gas Environmental Regulations. The collaborative group consists of representatives from environmental, industry and governmental organizations.
The results of the review will be available to the public.