Rangely Mak’in Bacon club cleans up Rangely

RANGELY — On March 25, the Mak’in Bacon Swine Club of Rangely held its third meeting of the year at the Rangely community pens. 
There were a lot of parents and club members raking up weeds and leaves. Having extra time and a lot of helpers, the club cleaned up trash along the EEC building on Main Street and around the high school. After working very hard, all the places look a lot better! Thank you to all the parents and 4-H members who helped clean up Rangely!
The community pens are in need of trees planted to shade the pens. Donations of good shade trees would be greatly appreciated by the 4-H’rs and their animals.
The 4-H district retreat was March 28-30 in Craig. It was very fun and I recommend all 4-H members attend next year.
The Rangely community pens opened on April 1 for swine, lambs and goats. Be sure to visit the pens to see the new livestock.  Weigh-in for the Rangely livestock is Saturday May 10.
The next Mak’in Bacon Swine Club meeting will be held on April 22 at 7 p.m.