A 5k run/walk was held Saturday as part of the MVB Fall Festival:

One mile fun walk
1st place — Tyler Tafoya
2nd place — James Tafoya
3rd place — JR Teague

Women’s 5K run
1st place — Lisa Belmonte
2nd place — Alissa Gigliotti
3rd place — Marnell Bradfield

Women’s 5K walk
1st place — Shawn Luce
2nd place — Laura Pessel
3rd place — Jackie Klinglesmith

Men’s 5K walk
1st place — Regas Halandras
2nd place — Joe Dungan
3rd place — Kent Walters

Men’s 5K run
1st place — Dan Chinn
2nd place — Tyrel Stout
3rd place — Bailey Mantle

Top five youth, ages 11 and under, alphabetical order, who ran the 5K:
Josh Cochran
Elijah Demming
Liam Demming
Tanner Kennedy
Trapper Merrifield