RBC I The following information is a weekly review of the calls for service that were reported to the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office between 8 a.m. on July 27 through 8 a.m. on Aug. 3.

911 Hangups 2; 911 Pocket Calls 3; Accident Injuries 2; Animal Calls 6; Assist CDOT 1; Assist Colorado State Patrol 3; Assist Meeker Ambulance 1; Assist Meeker Police 2; Assist Other Agency 2; Assist Rangely Police 4; Assist WREA 1; Citizen Assist 4; Citizen Contact 2; Criminal Mischief 1; Disturbance 1; fire/BLM 1; Jail Transport 2; Littering 1; Motorist Assist 6; Suicide 1; Suspicious Incident 3; Traffic Complaint 1; Traffic Stops 10; Trespassing 1; VIN Inspections 1; Warrant Arrests 1. Total Calls: 65
General Synopsis:
Rangely deputies along with Rangely police officers assisted Moffat County in a report of domestic violence. After arriving on scene, the involved parties were separated and the incident was handed over to the Moffat County deputy.
Assisted Rangely police on four calls: a DUI arrest, a male party who had fallen and hit his head, a male party lying in the dirt, and an assist with a skunk.
Colorado State Patrol requested assistance in locating a male who had jumped out of a moving vehicle on Moffat County Rd. 57/RBC Rd. 7 and was hiding. The party was located in Moffat County and was checked by EMS.
RBC deputy arrested a male on a warrant. The deputy recognized the individual from a previous MIP. The warrant was issued when he did not appear in court.
Received a call from a party on County Rd. 8 with a flat tire. The party was gone on arrival by the deputy.
A motorist hit an antelope on Hwy. 64 outside of Rangely.
A driver from Rifle called 911, stating he was being followed by an unknown vehicle. After investigating, no other vehicle was found and the caller was issued a summons for driving under suspension.
Received a 911 call of a rollover accident, and the caller was transporting the driver to Highway 13, where he was met by Meeker Ambulance and transported to Pioneers Medical Center.
911 Calls 1; 911 Hangup 1; 911 Misdial 1; Accident Injury 1; Assist Meeker Ambulance 4; Animal Call 6; Assist Sheriff’s Office 2; Citizen Assist 2; Criminal Mischief 1; Disturbance 1; Fire Alarm 2; Juvenile problem 1; Suicide 1; Suspicious Incident 6; Theft 2; Traffic Stops 7; unattended deaths 1; VIN Inspections 3; Warrant Arrests 1. Total Calls: 44
General Synopsis:
A vehicle turning off Highway 13 onto Pioneers Medical Drive was struck by a southbound vehicle, sending two to the emergency room.
A 57-year-old male fell and was transported to the emergency room.
Two males were spotted with an extension ladder on the front lawn of the courthouse; they were attempting to retrieve their drone from the tree.
Ten vehicles were illegally entered on July 30 in the area of 7th and Cleveland. Incident is still under investigation.
The Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office is currently assisting the Rangely Police Department dispatch center and does their dispatching on nights and weekends.
911 Hangups 2; Alarms 1; Assist Rangely Ambulance 1; Assist Animal Control 1; Assist Moffat County 1; Citizen Assist 2; DUI 1; Property Crimes 1; Traffic Stops; VIN Inspections 2. Total Calls: 17