Saving our children’s futures … FNBR program reaches nearly 500 students in effort to teach kids the importance of saving

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RBC — Our community’s youth are active consumers, spending $180 billion annually, and thanks to First National Bank of the Rockies (FNBR), they are also learning to save. To enlighten our youth on the importance of saving, First National Bank of the Rockies recently shared lessons on saving to more than 480 students in the communities that the bank serves.
This effort was part of a nationwide effort in honor of the 13th annual National Teach Children to Save Day, held April 29 and sponsored by the American Bankers Association Education Foundation.
“We are proud of this past school year’s efforts and look forward to reaching more students this year,” said Pete Waller, president and CEO of First National Bank of the Rockies. “FNBR is committed to empowering young people to make smart decisions early in life, so as to not make mistakes with their money as adults.”
During the month of May 2008, First National Bank of the Rockies employees incorporated games and activities into lessons on the concept of saving, how interest makes money grow, how to create a budget and differentiate between needs and wants. Since the foundation launched the Teach Children to Save Day program in 1997, more than 45,000 banker volunteers have reached nearly 2.3 million students with saving lessons.
“We believe that teaching children about money and savings is a crucial part of providing our youth with a superior education,” Waller said. “FNBR wants to lead the initiative in our communities and we invite other banks and financial institutions to join the effort.”
FNBR plans to continue scheduling presentations at local elementary, junior and senior high schools, during after-school programs and at community centers. For those schools that don’t have time in their schedule, they will provide information for teachers and libraries to use at their leisure.
The foundation offers resource kits for all ages. “We are about to promote our ‘Get Smart About Credit’ Program, which provides high school students with credit education lessons,” added Hayden bank employee and presenter Traci Day. “This program delivers information on saving for college, identity theft, credit reports and much more.”
FNBR’s initiative supports the National Standards in Personal Finance established by the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, as well as curriculum standards established by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Council of Teachers of English, the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences and others.
“FNBR made the offer to all of the teachers,” said Sunset Elementary School Principal Zack Allen of Craig. “The teachers who received the workshop were very, very pleased with the cooperation of the bank presenters.”
Hayden Elementary School teacher, Erika Jezo also appreciated the bank’s efforts. “The workshops developed an overall awareness in my students about how money works and how important it is to save. It’s such a great program!”
For more information on National Teach Children to Save Day, or to schedule a financial literacy lesson with your school or community center, call a First National Bank of the Rockies office near you or visit