Sheriff’s office to disconnect old number

RBC I Several years ago, Rio Blanco County’s IT Department changed out the phone system in the county offices to a voiceover IP system. Because of that, the county had to change numbers. Undersheriff Mike Joos said the old sheriff’s office telephone number (878-5023) has never been shut off, because some people still call that number even though for years there was a recording that informed them of the new number.
For the following reasons, Joos said the sheriff’s office is going to have that number disconnected.
1. The monthly cost for the line.
2. We do not have an outgoing line that we can make calls from, so it’s a one-way line.
3. We cannot record incoming calls on the old phone system any longer.
4. That number is no longer published as the sheriff’s office non-emergency number.
5. When you call information, you are given the new number.
Effective June 30, the old number will be disconnected. Callers should use the the new non-emergency number at 878-9620. For emergencies, call 911.