Up and down el Rio Blanco: There’s always something to do

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How many parents have heard their kids say, “There’s nothing to do here.”
Growing up in Meeker, I admit those words came out of my mouth but not very often. It’s not true and one can easily be called on it.
I know better than to say it to my wife, because she can always find something for me to do, she keeps a list.
Whenever someone asks me, “Are you keeping busy,” I always answer yes. If not, I usually find myself helping someone move or lifting heavy objects.
Around here, one need only open one’s eyes, go outside and stay as busy as one wants to be.
“There’s always something to do,” my wife says.
There were lots of things to do last week in Meeker and Rangely and more to come. The official opening of the Smithsonian exhibit “Between Fences” is this Saturday. Please support the Rio Blanco County Historical Society and White River Museum by viewing the exhibit while it is here.
Both chambers of commerce are busy hosting events, promoting local businesses and giving people “something to do.” Several businesses in both towns are hosting open houses and have sales going on, please read their advertisements in this week’s paper and support them. We need to support each other.
I believe the saying, “Times are tough,” is currently applicable but I also believe the saying, “When times get tough, the tough get going,” is always true.
I appreciate the support I’ve received since coming back. I’ve enjoyed visiting with friends and making new ones up and down el Rio Blanco. Several people offered support and I immediately took them up on it and have asked others for help producing an enjoyable and informative newspaper.
Hopefully, you’ll notice photos from Rangely local Patti Tipton and Meeker’s Dale Hallebach, both responded positively when I asked for their help covering events last weekend. Patti got some great shots at the Parade of Lights and Dale’s photos are always memorable, including the promo shot at the top of the front page.
I hope you read Hallie Blunt’s feature story on one of my all-time favorite people, Mrs. Cook. Hallie’s roots go three or four generations deep in Rio Blanco County, I hope you enjoy her story.
We also published a story by MHS journalism student Ty Shepperd, in an effort to encourage his studies and further develop and strengthen the relationship between the newspaper and school districts.
Please read J.C. Watt’s coverage of the middle school boys basketball tournament. J.C. was in the coffee shop one day and said, “I’d like to write some sports stories,” then quickly volunteered to cover the tournament.
Girls’ basketball teams from around the region, including Rangely, were in Meeker competing in the White River Electric Cowboy Shootout and both Rio Blanco County teams played well. Rangely finished third and produced the tournament’s MVP. Congratulations go to Victoria Phelan. Meeker won two of three games and finished fifth. Both Rio Blanco County boys’ teams will be in Meeker to compete in the boys’ bracket of the Shootout, starting tonight.
I’m well aware of the rivalry of the two towns and as far as I’m concerned, its because of our competitive nature. Want to see the best out of a Meeker or Rangely team or individual? Have them compete against each other, in any sport. My wife can tell you how much I like losing and, growing up in Meeker, it really sucked losing to someone from Rangely, no matter the sport. I don’t remember too many wins against Rangely teams. I believe some of the best lessons are learned from losses and I remember one quite well.
I was a seventh-grader, wrestling 65-70 and my first match was against a Rangely kid. He still lives in Rangely, he and his family are some of my favorite people. I won’t mention his name but will say he has a “Professional Touch.” He may not remember the match, although I’ll never forget it. It was like wrestling against a buzz saw, fast and always moving. Anything I tried, he had a counter and a great offense. My older brother, Roman liked my opponent’s style and suggested I try to wrestle like him. I took his advice and used it successfully.
I enjoy watching the competition but often wonder how great the accomplishments would be if we combined our efforts as one team.