Ute youth tour Meeker

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MEEKER | Throughout the years there has been an outreach from the community of Meeker to the Utes. For several years there have been continued tours and welcomes, including the Ute youth. This year Kessley LaRose, Cultural Rights and Protection, through the Ethno botany project took Ute youth to Colorado. The youth visited Trapper’s Lake, camped at the Green Cabins and had a group tour of the Thornburg battle site. There, Dr. David Steinman shared the history of the site.

Local ranchers Lowell and Lenny Klinglesmith, local history buffs Tom Kilduff, Gayle Rogers and Lynn Lockwood, with the U.S. Forest Service, took a preliminary tour of Colorow Mountain. It was a special privilege to see a spring mother bear and her set of three bear cubs. To the Utes the bear is a sacred animal and should never be harmed. It is hoped that more Ute families will be able to come to a more involved tour.”Mariah Cuch, The Ute Bulletin