Visitors experience Meeker’s compassion

Dear Editor:
We recently had the pleasure of visiting our family in the wonderful town of Meeker. What a lovely town it is and what awesome people we met there. While there we stayed at the Meeker Hotel and enjoyed it there so much.
On our third day there, with no warning, I experienced the first seizure I had ever had. It goes without saying that it was so frightening for both my husband and myself. The last thing I remember was hearing my husband say to call an ambulance. (From the stories I have been told, I wasn’t the most pleasant patient in the world and I do have to apologize to the paramedics, nurses and doctors for being as uncooperative as it seems I was.)
But I did want to take a moment to say how much we appreciate the people that were there. So many people came to help, both during the actual incident and at the hospital later on. There were people showing up asking if they could help by bringing our rental car over to the hospital or bringing the breakfast. In my 41 years I had never had the opportunity to witness such thoughtfulness. Back here at home I have told anyone that will listen about the extraordinary folks that live in Meeker, Colo.
To all of you that came out to help, please know that we are grateful and your thoughtfulness will never be forgotten.
Chad and Cheryl Hughes
Hinesville, Ga.