WEEKLY CALL REVIEW ~ Oct. 31-Nov. 6, 2016

The following information is a weekly review of the calls for service reported to the Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Communications Office. If you have any questions please call 878-9600. We will not regularly post any information as to the names or addresses on any incident.
This last week the dispatch center received a total of 549 incoming and placed 169 outgoing phone calls, received 25 911 calls, two 911 hangups and 42 calls for Meeker Police Department. These calls resulted in 153 calls for service, 98 for the Sheriff’s Office, 54 for Meeker PD, seven calls for Meeker Fire and Rescue, five for the Colorado State Patrol and three for other agencies. (Please note the department breakdown of calls reflects a different number because of incidents with multiple agency response). A total of five accidents were reported throughout the county.
The Sheriff’s Office conducted 28 traffic stops issuing three citations and 25 warnings, while the Meeker PD had 10 stops resulting in nine warnings and one citation. Agency assists totaled 13, eight for the Sheriff’s Office and five for MPD.
Other calls for the Sheriff’s Deputies included five animal calls, four citizen assists, one domestic violence call, six motorist assists, five ranch checks, one investigation for sexual assault, four traffic accidents and three VIN inspections.
Meeker Police Department calls included four animal calls, seven business checks, five citizen assists, four disturbances, one domestic violence call, two motorist assists, four suspicious incidents and two VIN inspections.
There were four arrests and the Detentions Center currently has 10 inmates.
Assists to the Colorado State Patrol were two with one injury accident.
No DUI arrests were made.