WREA Capital Credit checks in the mail

MEEKER | White River Electric Association’s Capital Credit checks are set to arrive in the mail this week. The WREA board of directors annually reviews its financial condition to determine the amount of patronage capital that it will return to its members. This year, the WREA board of directors approved to retire and return just over $600,000 in capital credits to its members. Specifically, the board approved to pay out 25 percent of the patronage capital from 2003 in the amount of $264,000. Members with active meters in 2003 will receive a check based upon their 2003 usage. The remaining 2003 patronage capital will be paid out in future years. In addition, WREA also allocates and retires capital credits received from its wholesale power supplier Tri-State Generation and Transmission. This year, the WREA board approved to pay out $345,000 in Tri-State capital credits for WREA members receiving electric service in 1995. Capital credit returns are one of the many benefits of being a member of White River Electric Association. Please call WREA at 970-878-5041 with questions or to update your address for future capital credit retirements.