Adventure center project takes another step forward

MEEKER I The town’s Urban Renewal Authority board met Tuesday and discussed changes to the proposed bylaws, including removing a statement about utilizing the laws of eminent domain for property acquisition.

Town attorney Melody Massih said the use of eminent domain is a statutory right given to URAs and municipalities whether it’s listed in the bylaws or not.
“I think it would be better to take out the mention of it,” said URA chair Shawn Bolton.
“It would show good faith on our part,” commented URA commissioner Tom Allen.
“We’re all elected officials sitting here, but we’re not acting in the capacity for which we were elected. It seems like if you’re going to down that road (eminent domain) it should go through a governmental entity,” Bolton added.
The board agreed to remove the reference to eminent domain from the bylaws prior to approving them.
Approval to release the Request for Quotation (RFQ) for the Meeker Adventure Center was also on the agenda. The board made some minor suggestions and asked questions of Better City’s Kelby Bosshardt via telephone. Bosshardt explained that the RFQ is a “framework document” and that the details will be resolved in negotiations with interested parties. One of those parties, which owns and operates an adventure center in Moab, Utah, has sent a letter of interest regarding becoming the Meeker center’s operator.
The RFQ will be released on May 1. There will be a 10-week response window ending July 10. A non-mandatory informational meeting for respondents to the RFQ will be held May 24.
“This will be an informational meeting initially to cater to local businesses that are interested to ask questions in a public setting,” Bosshardt said.
The board also reviewed and approved a conditions survey project area map, which has been amended to include the downtown Main Street corridor at the request of Main Street businesses.