Key tasks completed on Rangely ‘Tank’

Sparks can be seen flying around inside Rangely’s “The Tank” as W.C. Streigel’s Dana Hanvey cuts the door. Thankfully, the design and cut of the door did not change the acoustics inside The Tank.

RANGELY I Friend of Rangely’s “The Tank” and key organizer Bruce Odland can handle their share of structure. But the organic, natural growth of projects and relationships interests Odland more.

Rangely VFW to revive Memorial Day tradition

RANGELY I A Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) post characterized by new membership and increased involvement has spurred the return of a Memorial Day tradition.


Some spring blooms are fading, but the crabapple blossoms in Steve and Donna Petersburg’s front yard on Pinyon Circle make for a vibrant reminder of the coming growing season.

‘Free the Girls’ non-profit seeks bra donations

RANGELY I It’s more than a catchy double entendre. It’s doing something about the nearly 22 million women and children being held as slaves worldwide, many of them as pawns in prostitution rings and sex trafficking.

New and returning options for College for Kids and Reach Your Peak courses at Rangely CNCC

RANGELY I Whether your elementary school student loves to play in the clay or your middle schooler favors applied math and heights, Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC) has something for students of all ages this summer.

Judge rules against Colowyo, Trapper mines; 120-day window set

RBC I A federal judge ruled Friday that expansions of two Western Slope coal mines approved nearly a decade ago failed to adhere to federal law and consider potential environmental impacts. Judge R. Brooke Jackson said that 2006 and 2007 expansions of the Western Slope’s Colowyo and Trapper mines, which have provided coal to the […]

Raven oil pumping station at new home pad in Rangely

A replica of the Raven A-1 pumping unit, the first “wildcat” deep well in the Rangely Weber Sand Unit that was drilled by the California Oil Co. in 1931, was moved from its former wellhead site outside of Rangely to the Rangely Museum on April 10.

RANGELY I An iconic Rangely landmark has a new home. A replica of the Raven A-1 pumping unit, the first “wildcat” deep well in the Rangely Weber Sand Unit drilled by the California Oil Co. in 1931, was moved from the wellhead site to the Rangely Museum on April 10.

Branding time…

Logan Hill of Rangely’s Cripple Cowboy Cow Outfit watches Saturday as a herd of cattle makes its way to corrals for calves to be branded and immunized. Like many ranchers in the county, the sixth-generation family business began its branding season earlier this month and will continue through June, when the cattle will be moved up to summer grazing lands.

CNCC campus takes notice of the Holocaust, other world genocides

Colorado Northwestern Community College’s annual Holocaust Awareness Week included lectures on the circumstances that led up to and perpetuated the Holocaust and resistance to it, along with discussions about the Rwandan and Cambodian genocides. One flag in the Field of Flags in front of the McLaughlin Building represented 5,000 lives lost, with each color representing a different ethnic, social or political group.

RANGELY I In the rush and hurry of everyday life, it can be easy to forget. Only rarely do most of us think about the millions of Jewish people and millions more who, for their ethnicity, religion or politics, died as part of a mass genocide initiated by Germany’s Nazi regime between 1933 and 1945.

CNCC gearing up for increase in ‘Reach Your Peak’ camp offerings

RANGELY I If earning college scholarship money, finding a career path and inspiring lifelong interests sound like good ways to fill your kids’ time this summer, Colorado Northwestern Community College (CNCC) can help.

Rangely Community Gardens gears up for next growing season

Children’s Gardens participants Braden Lucas and Susie Gillard harvested green tomatoes last fall. The Gardens is gearing up for a variety of children’s activities this spring and summer, with all community children welcome to attend.

RANGELY I If this spring is any indication, Rangely Community Gardens organizers will continue building on a sturdy foundation of gardening and community involvement.

Williams Pipeline’s Day of Caring helps Rangely Community Gardens

A crew from Williams Pipeline made major additions to the Rangely Community Gardens during its annual Day of Caring on March 31. From left to right are: Caleb Wiley, Lehi Smith, Deejay Chivers, Lori Lazarus, Steve Mahler, Rhet Tinker, Tyson Hacking, Kenny Fuller, Micky Kiever, Robert Baughman and Kevin Keel. Kneeling, from left, are: Joe Kerksieck, Otis Wiley and Zane Wiley.

RANGELY I Last summer, 9-year-old Adywen Meeks grew her first vegetables and flowers in a four-by-four foot plot at Rangely Children’s Garden.