phrgfire truck group

phrgfire truck group

Several people from Chevron, the Rangely Rural Fire Protection District, including board members (FB), firefighters (FF) and Rangely Town Council (TC) members gathered at the firehouse to accept a $100,000 donation from Chevron. Those attending included Rod Ficken (Chevron Pipeline), fire chief Andy Shaffer, Cisco Lucero (FF), Kyle Hixson (Chevron-FF), Gary Denny (FF), Rick Moran (Chevron-FF), Jasper Whiston (FF), Melissa Dembowski (FF), Kindal Cushman (FF), Leonard Lane (FB), Brad Casto (TC), Vince Wilczek (Rangely Chief of Police), Lisa Hatch (TC), Roy Kinney (Rangely PD), Jeff Rodell (Chevron), Elaine Urie (TC), Luke Allred (Chevron), Tim Webber (president of FB), Kelly Brown (Chevron) and Peter Brixius (Rangely Town Manager and FB member).

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