Letter: Moyer for commissioner

Dear Editor:

I am the owner of Nichol’s Store and Hume Distributing in Rangely and I am writing this letter because I support Gary Moyer for county commissioner. I have been on the Plant Center board with Gary for the last 10-plus years. I also participated in the Republican county assembly process and was a delegate. It was real clear at the county assembly who would be the best county commissioner and I think that is why Gary won so convincingly and why he is on the ballot and the other guy is not. Not only have I been a board member for the Plant Center and Douglas Creek Conservation District, but like Gary I grew up in Rio Blanco County and have run a business in the county my entire adult life. I believe that having experience working for yourself is an important qualification to be a good county commissioner because it gives you a whole lot more understanding of the people of this county. I’m going to vote for Gary Moyer and I hope you do, too.

Bill Hume