Letter to the Editor: Meeker needs to learn to have fun

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Dear Editor:
My family and I feel blessed to be here in Meeker, Colo. This little town has so many things that a family would want to be a part of. But…

I have a very important question that me and family/friends have tried to answer, and maybe someone can help us.
Why is Meeker so afraid of letting its hair down and having a little fun?
My family, our girls especially, have been putting their heart and soul into the events of Range Call so Meeker can be proud of this event. We have many family members coming from out of state just to be a part of it.
There have been many hours put into this on their own time, including painting and assembling pallets to make signs. Within 24 hours of it being in the ground, it was torn down because it was an inconvenience for someone.
This event could bring in a lot of money to the town of Meeker, which at this moment in time, is needed. I do not understand why we are not embracing this and have fun!
In the past year or so, businesses have left the downtown area for many reasons I suppose, but on a personal level, my family’s store (Kacey’s Kloset) just couldn’t make a go of it.
We need to bring people to Meeker to see how amazing it is and if that means some fun events, then we should be encouraging safe fun. We need to bring in new people and entice them to stay.
Music and gatherings can be a great way to engage with people and we are thankful we have friends that make this possible. Let’s let them run their businesses successfully and free of discouragement.
When we moved here, we wondered why the weekends were so quiet; well that has been answered for me many times over.
There is not enough to do, so we leave to neighboring towns and find things to do. With that we are also bringing our money to other towns as well.
This is something I am sure has been talked about before, so why is it still happening?
Let’s keep this conversation going until we can find a solution or Meeker will be just another ghost town.
Cindy S. Nelson

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  1. First, it is unfortunate someone was rude enough to destroy the hard work advertising events. Not sure I would want cameras on every street corner–well, actually I might since I am away at school-but surely someone knows who did this and could turn in those who were so thoughtless.

    Second, there is plenty to do in Meeker. Hollidays Bar & Grill has music almost every Friday night; wish I could be in Meeker to support that business each week! I do think it is a shame that the Rec District closes its’ facilities so early when especially the pool and weight room would probably be used until 10-11 pm! It would be nice to have lap swimming at times other than during the day (although that might have changed this year) or VERY early in the morning. That would clear up congestion and provide not only recreation but work to people with in the community. There are many free activities as well: hiking and biking the BLM/Rec District trails; biking other roadways; putting together your own impromptu jam sessions; motorized recreation; and then head East to the mountains for lots of recreational activities; or west to include rock-hopping/dirt-biking, water skiing; or anywhere with in about a 100-mile radius to explore BLM/forest lands and water resources. Perhaps the library could extend its weekend hours too–if there was a communicated need.
    I obviously do not know the details of the specific event you are talking about in terms of things being torn down, but I too am concerned about the businesses leaving downtown. Perhaps the town council should rethink their position on businesses; perhaps the Chamber of Commerce could hold a workshop/symposium on small town businesses-how to succeed. Perhaps the businesses that are left should rethink their pricing and inventory. I certainly do not have an answer to local businesses, other than I shop for what I can in Meeker when I lived there full time and when I come home. Even with the cheaper gas prices, I still think paying a few dollars more for contact solution, etc. is cheaper than a tank of gas, wear/tear on my vehicle, and the time commitment to shop out of town.

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