From My Window… Skiing requires money tree; museum impresses; sports return

I just looked out my window and you know what I didn’t see? Not in any direction did I see a single tree with money growing from the branches. I didn’t notice any bills hanging from the trees during the summer, either. But someone must know where they are.

From My Window: Overall, 2014 was a good year; white new year likely; go Broncos!

As I write this on Sunday evening, the snow is coming down quite heavily, the Denver Broncos have just locked up a first-round bye in the National Football League playoffs by thumping the Oakland Raiders (always a good thing) for the second time this year, and there isn’t a soul to be seen on the […]

From My Window… My most memorable Christmas gifts; forget annual resolutions

Merry Christmas to you all! If having snow fall on Christmas Day constitutes a white Christmas, today may not be a white Christmas, but there is a darned good chance there is going to be a whole lot of white snow on the ground for us to enjoy.

From My Window… Dad a good shot with gift; newspaper deadlines change

Out my window as I write this, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The cool temperatures, the lights on people’s homes and businesses and along the streets as well as people seeing their breath when exhaling in early morning are signs that Christmas is getting close.

From My Window… Weekend jaunt brought tears, laughter, importance of family

It was bright, sparkly and fun-filled as I looked out my window over the weekend. Colored lights and reindeer and marching bands and teary-eyed adults were everywhere to be found.

From My Window: Staying at area hunting, fishing lodge a bargain—in the 1960s

I received a letter the other day with just a short note from its sender, Elmer Reed, who comes to Rio Blanco County each year to hunt, but he hails from Punxsutawney, Penn. Reed’s note stated, “Enclosed please find a 1960s flier on Adams Lodge. Your readers might get a chuckle reading this. The original […]

From My Window: Happy Thanksgiving; Local shopping benefits friends, neighbors, towns

It looks like winter has finally arrived. We were lucky with the warm, dry October, when not one flake was reported in the valley. But it hasn’t taken long to change that.

From My Window: Meeker football team should stand proud; hunting season over

The view out my window was cold—frosted over—and downright unfriendly, as the sun forgot to shine upon the Meeker Cowboys and the Denver Broncos.

From My Window: Thanks veterans; an election review; and congratulations to the Cowboys

A massive thank you goes out to all of our veterans of all the Armed Forces as we celebrate Veterans Day this week.

From My Window… Hooray! Election finally over and Cowboys keep winning

Looking out the window this morning, I see, for the second day, the clearest skies, brightest clouds and sunniest shadows I have seen in several months. By golly, we did survive another election year and the sun still rose—following the most negative, nasty, personal, derogatory, disrespectful, lying and deceptive election I have ever seen. But […]

From My Window: Don’t forget to vote and change your clocks; kudos to “The Tank” and Tasos

Let me start out with a couple quick reminders that are relevant this week throughout Rio Blanco County. The first is that daylight saving time ends this coming Sunday morning at 2 p.m.

From My Window… Vote for broadband issue 1A; congrats Cowboys and Broncos

Whether I sit close to the window or with my nose pressed against the pane, the subject of local ballot initiative 1A, which would pave the way for Rio Blanco County to get broadband, is clear as a bell a winning proposition.