Friday night music…


The band Finnders and Youngberg of Fort Collins filled the air downtown with high-quality bluegrass music during their concert on the county courthouse lawn. Several hundred people along with several of the OHV riders from out of town took in the music.

Felix y los Gatos: Summer Concert Series

More than 200 spectators listened to Felix y Los Gatos on Friday evening on the lawn of the courthouse in Meeker. The band, from Albuquerque, N.M., played a wide variety of musical styles much to the delight of those in attendance. The concert was sponsored by the Eastern Rio Blanco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District in Meeker. There will be other concerts throughout the summer. The Friday concert had it all: children, adults, families, great sunshine, lot of grass to sit on and great music.


phmkconcert series sign**

The sun was shining on the tent and the band “Beloved Invaders” last Friday for the first concert of the ERBM Recreation and Park District “Summer Entertainment Series,” held on the courthouse lawn. More than 300 people enjoyed the music, sunshine and founder’s rock.