Tri-State announces 10-year plan to close Colowyo Mine, Craig Station power plant

219 Colowyo employees potentially impacted

RBC | Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, which owns Colowyo Mine and the Craig Station power plant, announced Thursday that the 427-megawatt Unit 1 will close by the end of 2025; and the 410-megawatt Unit 2 and the 448-megawatt Unit 3 will close by 2030. Colowyo Mine operations are expected to cease production by 2030 as well, at which time operations will turn entirely to reclamation.
According to a Tri-State press release, the power plant in Craig employs 253 people. Colowyo Mine, which produces the coal used at the Craig Station, currently employs 219 people.
“With 10 years until the closure of Craig Station and Colowyo Mine, we have additional time to work with the legislature, our employees and the communities in Moffat and Rio Blanco counties to plan for and support the transition,” Tri-State Chief Executive Officer Duane Highley stated. “Our work starts now to ensure we can continue to safely produce power while working with stakeholders to thoughtfully plan for the future.”
Tri-State had previously announced that the 427-megawatt Unit 1 Craig plant would close by the end of 2025 and said that the date remains unchanged.
In a meeting Thursday, officials said they are “actively seeking coal contracts” that would enable the mine to stay active.

This is a developing story and will be updated as more information becomes available.


  1. Go ahead take the employment for so many people. Is the company and the state going to find employment. Don’t blame the USA for all the pollution. China and India are the biggest polluters and no charges are brought against the. Why is this country always blamed for every bad things happening in the world. Easier to point a finger at a country that doesn’t fight back.

  2. Carolyn, in the article they clearly state they want to work with stake holders for a smooth transition that means finding new career paths for people.

    You invoke China abs India, countries coming out of the 3rd world. Is that really what you want the bar to be set for in our country? Part of being a leader is doing the hard work, not taking the easy path of status quo.

    Besides all that, renewable energy is cheaper now for Tri-state. This is a capitalist country, not communism where industry is propped up if it is not profitable.

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