2016 Fair Results and more photos

County Shoot Out Results—July 23, 2016
Modified Compound Archery, Jr.—
Emily Archuleta (Score 98)—Grand Champion
Modified Traditional Archery, Jr.—
Kayla Scott (Score 73)—Grand Champion
Savannah Taylor (Score 42)—Reserve Champion
Drew Drake (Score 40)—3rd Place
Dechlin Taylor (Score 8)—4th Place
Modified Traditional Archery, Int.—
Ethan Drake (Score 70)—Grand Champion
Shauna Lapp (Score 25)—Reserve Champion
Compound Limited Archery, Jr.—
Ryan Sullivan (Score 139)—Grand Champion
Mason Allen (Score 115)—Reserve Champion
Montey Franklin (Score 93)—3rd Place
Judd Harvey (Score 18)—4th Place
Compound Limited Archery, Int.—
Kyle Wangnild (Score 159)—Grand Champion
Cori Mohr (Score 91)—Reserve Champion
Sarah Kracht (Score 88)—3rd Place
Austin Lopez (Score 84—4th Place
Compound Limited Archery, Sr.—
Kiyoko Thelen (Combined Score 349)—Grand Champion
Traditional Archery, Int–
Makenzie Manchester (Score 31)—Grand Champion
Hailey Scott (Score 23)—Reserve Champion
Traditional Archery, Sr.—
Elena Forbes (Combined Score 120)—Grand Champion
Jordan Fiscus (Combined Score 109)—Reserve Champion
Compound Traditional Archery, Sr—
Riley Boydstun (Combined Score 232)—Grand Champion
Western Heritage—
Desperados 9-11
Doc Holliday (aka Austin Lopez) 19”86 seconds, 0 penalties—1st place
Laura Ingalls (aka Kayla Scott) 56”27 seconds, 1 penalty—2nd place
Rimfires 12-19
Billy the Kid (aka Justin Piloni) 57”91 seconds, 5 penalties—1st place
Street James (aka Reese Harvey) 1’08”64, 2 penalties—2nd place
Sarah Montgomery (aka Hailey Scott) 1’42”12, 5 penalties—3rd place
Overall Western Heritage Shooter
Doc Holliday (aka Austin Lopez)—Grand Champion
Billy The Kid (aka Justin Piloni)—Reserve Champion
.22 Hunt, Jr—
Kayla Scott (Score 99)—Grand Champion
Matthew Willey (Score 92)—Reserve Champion
Drew Drake (Score 86)—3rd Place
Landin Lopez (Score 79)—4th Place
Kristalyn Piloni (Score 76)—5th Place
Dawson Willey (Score 65)—6th Place
Coy Richardson (Score 62)
.22 Hunt, Int—
Mackenzie Manchester (Score 163)—Grand Champion
Sarah Kracht (Score 123)—Reserve Champion
Ethan Drake (Score 65)—3rd Place
Cori Mohr (Score 49)—4th Place
.22 Hunt, Sr.—
Andrew Kracht (Score 244)—Grand Champion
Dalton Dembowski (Score 114)—Reserve Champion
.22 Scope, Jr—
Dawson Willey (Score 131)—Grand Champion
Matthew Willey (Score 77)—Reserve Champion
.22 Scope, Int.—
Anthony Garner (Score 199)—Grand Champion
Del Garner (Score 182)—Reserve Champion
Hailey Scott (Score 116)—3rd Place
.22 Scope, Sr.—
Dayton Willey (Score 212)—Grand Champion
Justin Rusher (Score 69)—Reserve Champion
.22 4P, Sr.—
Andrew Kracht (Score 253)—Grand Champion
Dayton Willey (Score 200)—Reserve Champion
Shotgun, Jr.—
Connor Blunt (Score 30)—Grand Champion
Cade Blunt (Score 18)—Reserve Champion
Fisher Winder (Score 18)—Reserve Champion
Brooke Archuleta (Score 11)—3rd Place
Kevin Wren (Score 8)—4th Place
Shotgun, Int.—
Del Garner (Score 44)—Grand Champion
Anthony Dorris (Score 36)—Reserve Champion
Justin Piloni (Score 36)—3rd Place
Andrew Dorris (Score 35)—4th Place
Keihlin Myers (Score 30)—5th Place
Dax Sheridan (Score 29)—6th Place
Anthony Garner (Score 24)
Kelton Turner (Score 20)
Hailey Scott (Score 18)
Aspen Low (Score 15)
Alex Black (Score 14)
Shotgun, Sr.—
Clay Anderson (Score 36)—Grand Champion
Paityn Myers (Score 33)—Reserve Champion
Nishiko Thelen (Score 26)—3rd Place
Dalton Dembowski (Score 24)—4th Place
Justin Rusher (Score 19)—5th Place

Horse Show—July 29-30, 2016
Team Roping
Mixed Century 1st Place—Dee Norell (Header) & Bill Plummer (Heeler)
Switch Ender 1st Place—Neal Brennan (Header) & Rowdy Atwood (Heeler)
Jr, Sr, & All Girls 1st Place—
(Header) & Louis Vilapondo (Heeler)
All Youth 1st Place—Ellie Anderson (Header) & Lane Anderson (Heeler)
Open Roping 1st Place—Cody Edinger (Header) & Bill Plummer (Heeler)

Hi Point Performance
PeeWee—Leah Wood—Grand Champion
PeeWee—Jace Vroman—Reserve Champion
Jr.—Deana Wood—Grand Champion
Jr.—Karli Wagner—Reserve Champion
Int.—Madison Kindler—Grand Champion
Int.—Emily Amick—Reserve Champion
Sr.—Amber Elliott—Grand Champion
Sr.—Grace McSweeney—Reserve Champion
Adult—Kathy Buffham—Grand Champion
Adult—Heather Waters—Reserve Champion
Hi Point Speed
PeeWee—Jace Vroman—Grand Champion
PeeWee—Leah Wood—Reserve Champion
Jr.—Melayni Wangnild—Grand Champion
Jr.—Brendan Clatterbaugh—Reserve Champion
Int.—Madison Kindler—Grand Champion
Int.—Kelton Turner—Reserve Champion
Sr.—Kenzie Turner—Grand Champion
Sr.—Ellie Anderson—Reserve Champion
Adult—Kathy Buffham—Grand Champion
Adult—Shelley Massey—Reserve Champion
Mare—Taylor Elliott—Grand Champion
Mare—Phalon Osborn—Reserve Champion
Gelding—Heather Waters—Grand Champion
Gelding—Karli Wagner—Reserve Champion
4H Champions
Showmanship Jr.—Deana Wood—Grand Champion
Showmanship Jr.—Eva Scritchfield—Reserve Champion
Showmanship Int.—Anna Lee Goodwin—Grand Champion
Showmanship Int.—Madison Kindler—Reserve Champion
Showmanship Sr.—Phalon Osborn—Grand Champion
Horsemanship Jr—Deana Wood—Grand Champion
Horsemanship Jr.—Eva Scritchfield—Reserve Champion
Horsemanship Int.—Emily Amick—Grand Champion
Horsemanship Int.—Madison Kindler—Reserve Champion
Horsemanship Sr.—Phalon Osborn—Grand Champion

Dog Show Aug. 1, 2016
Hi-Point Overall Champion—Montey Franklin
Hi-Point Overall Reserve Champion—Grace Roberts
Showmanship Junior Novice—
Montey Franklin—1st Place
Showmanship Junior—
Kayla Scott—1st Place
Brooke Archuleta—2nd Place
Showmanship Intermediate—
Grace Roberts—1st Place
Hailey Scott—2nd Place
Obedience Beginner Novice A—
Montey Franklin—1st Place
Obedience Beginner Novice B—
Grace Roberts—1st Place
Kayla Scott—2nd Place
Obedience Beginner Novice C (1st year)—
Brooke Archuleta—1st Place
Obedience Novice B—
Hailey Scott—1st Place
Puppy open Obedience Class—
Eva Scritchfield—1st Place
Fashion Review
Best of Show—Kolbi Franklin
Unit 1—Jr.
Haley Weston—1st Place
Neveah LeBlanc—2nd Place
Aimee Shults—3rd Place
Lissbeth Sanchez—4th Place
Kayla Scott—5th Place
Unit 2—Int.
Hadley Franklin—1st Place
Tacy Crawford—2nd Place
Hailey Scott—3rd Place
Unit 1—Sr.
Kolbi Franklin—1st Place

4H Projects
Sports fishing Jr.—
Judd Harvey—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Kayla Scott—Reserve Champion
Judd Harvey—Best of Show
Sports fishing Int.—
Hailey Scott—Grand Champion
Sports fishing Sr.—
Lorena Martinez—Grand Champion
Gardening Sr.—
Lorena Martinez—Grand Champion
Cooking Jr.—
Tanner Goodwin—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Cooking Int.—
Annalee Goodwin—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Cooking Sr.—
Jordan Goodwin—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Cake Decorating Jr.—
Birdie McCaffrey—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Kristalyn Piloni—Reserve Champion
Lissbeth Sanchez—3rd Place
Isabella Blazon—4th Place
Birdie McCaffrey—Best in Show
Cake Decorating Int.—
Grace Roberts—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Global Citizenship—
Hadley Franklin—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)

Clothing Construction
Unit 8, Int.—
Tacy Crawford—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Unit 2, Jr—
Neveah LeBlanc—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Haley Weston—Reserve Champion
Aimee Shults—3rd Place
Unit 1, Int—
Hailey Scott—Grand Champion
Unit 1, Jr.—
Lissbeth Sanchez—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Kayla Scott—Reserve Champion
Lissbeth Sanchez—3rd Place
Unit 3, Sr—
Kolbi Franklin—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Unit 3, Int—
Hadley Franklin—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Best of Show—Hadley Franklin
Gabriel Richardson—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Oliver Holmes—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Sam Smithers—Reserve Champion
Gage Richardson—3rd Place
Gabe Smithers—4th Place

Shooting Sports
Western Heritage
Sr.—Reese Harvey—1st place
Int.—Hailey Scott—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Shotgun Unit 436, Jr—
Kevin Wren—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Fischer Winder—Reserve Champion
Brooke Archuleta—3rd Place
Connor Blunt—4th Place
Cade Blunt—5th Place
Shotgun Unit 437, Int—
Kehlin Myers—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Andrew Dorris—Reserve Champion
Anthony Dorris—3rd Place
Aspen Low—4th Place
Kiley Goshe—5th Place
Chloe Goshe—6th Place
Shotgun Unit 464, Int—
Justin Piloni—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Dax Sheridan—Reserve Champion
Kelton Turner—3rd Place
Shotgun Unit 438, Sr—
Paityn Myers—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Austin Ficken—Reserve Champion
Shotgun Unit 465, Sr –
Nishiko Thelen—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
.22 Rifle, Jr.—
Dawson Willey—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Drew Drake—Reserve Champion
.22 Rifle, Int.—
Sarah Kracht—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
.22 Rifle, Sr.—
Dayton Willey—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
.22 Rifle Stand Alone, Jr.—
Landin Lopez—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Matthew Willey—Reserve Champion
Kristalyn Piloni—3rd Place
Coy Richardson—4th Place
.22 Rifle Stand Alone, Int.—
Anthony Garner—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Cori Mohr—Reserve Champion
Del Garner—3rd Place
Mackenzie Manchester—4th Place
.22 Rifle Stand Alone, Sr.—
Dalton Dembowski—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Justin Rusher—Reserve Champion
Archery Stand Alone, Sr.—
Jordan Fiscus—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Elena Forbes—Reserve Champion
Jarrod Fiscus—3rd Place
Lane Carlson—4th Place
Anna Forbes—5th Place
Kiyoko Thelen—6th Place
Best of Show—Jarrod Fiscus
Archery Stand Alone, Int.—
Joseph MacKay—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Kyle Wangnild—Reserve Champion
Austin Lopez—3rd Place
Archery Stand Alone, Jr. –
Dechlin Taylor—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Savannah Taylor—Reserve Champion
Ryan Sullivan—3rd Place
Archery Display Board, Sr. –
Riley Boydstun—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Andrew Kracht—Reserve Champion
Archery Display Board, Int. –
Ethan Drake—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Shauna Lapp—Reserve Champion
Archery Display Board, Jr. –
Judd Harvey—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Montey Franklin—Reserve Champion
Emily Archuleta—3rd Place
Secretary Books –
Paityn Myers—1st Place
Tatumn Kennedy—2nd Place
Treasurer Books –
Kinzy Burke—2nd Place
Self Determined (Reading)—
Jr—Drew Drake—Grand Champion
Int—Ethan Drake—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Best of Show—Ethan Drake

Leathercraft –
Unit 1, Jr.—Judd Harvey—Reserve Champion
Unit 3, Int.—Rowdy Rosendahl—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Unit 3, Jr—Amy Jo Rosendahl—Reserve Champion
Unit 4, Int.—Hailey Scott—Reserve Champion
Unit 8, Jr—Jayde Turner—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Unit 8, Sr—Kasey Rosendahl—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Unit 9, Int—Chayton Bumguardner—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)

Model Rockets –
Unit 4, Jr.—
Kayla Scott—Grand Champion (Selected for State Fair)
Cade Greager—Reserve Champion
Unit 2, Jr—
Dartagnan Goodwin—Grand Champion

4H Showmanship Jr.—
Emily Archuleta—Grand Champion
4H Showmanship Sr. –
Mary Baylie—Grand Champion
Breeding Sr.—
Mary Baylie—1st Place
Mary Baylie—2nd Place
4H Market Geese Jr.—
Emily Archuleta—Grand Champion
Open Poultry—
Class 6601—
Jill Ward—1st Place
Jill Ward—2nd Place
Hayden Garcia—3rd Place
Open Rooster—
Class 6601—
Miles Franklin—1st Place
Class 6602—
Reed Kelly—1st Place
Chayton Bumguardner—2nd Place
Reed Kelly—3rd Place
Reed Kelly—4th Place
Trio Class—
Reed Kelly—1st Place
Class 6603—
Sonya Garcia—1st Place
Class 6604—
Hayden Garcia—1st Place
Reed Kelly—2nd Place
Class 6605—
Miles Franklin—1st Place
Class 6606—
Hoyt Garcia—1st Place
Hoyt Garcia—2nd Place
Class 6616—
Hayden Garcia—1st Place
Hoyt Garcia—2nd Place
Hayden Garcia—3rd Place
Sonya Garcia—4th Place
Class 6617—
Brooke Archuleta—1st Place
Aaron Archuleta—2nd Place
Emily Archuleta—1st Place
Best of Show—Emily Archuleta
Class 6619—
Jill Ward—1st Place
Jill Ward—2nd Place

Jr Showmanship—
Jessica Pelloni—1st Place
Jade Miller—2nd Place
Neveah LeBlanc—3rd Place
Int Showmanship—
Whitney Rusher—1st Place
Sierra Gomez—2nd Place
Kelsay Atchley—3rd Place
Chayton Bumguardner—4th Place
Del Garner—5th Place
Sr Showmanship—
Lena Forbes—1st Place
Anna Forbes—2nd Place
Class 6004—
Jessica Pelloni—1st Place
Whitney Rusher—2nd Place
Del Garner—3rd Place
Jade Miller—4th Place
Anna Forbes—5th Place
Elena Forbes—6th Place
Del Garner—
Class 6005—
Sierra Gomez—1st Place
Del Garner—2nd Place
Anna Forbes—3rd Place
Elena Forbes—4th Place
Class 6008—
Whitney Rusher—1st Place
Sierra Gomez—2nd Place
Whitney Rusher—3rd Place
Kelsay Atchley—4th Place
Class 6006—
Sierra Gomez—1st Place
Class 6007—
Whitney Rusher—Grand Champion
Whitney Rusher—Reserve Champion
Chayton Bumguardner—3rd Place
Jessica Pelloni—4th Place
Jade Miller—5th Place
Kelsay Atchley—6th Place
Anna Forbes—
Neveah LeBlanc—
Elena Forbes—
Class 7701—
Bonnie Coryell—1st Place
Sonya Garcia—2nd Place
Elena Forbes—3rd Place
Anna Forbes—4th Place
Chayton Bumguardner—5th Place
Class 7703—
Hoyt Garcia—1st Place
Hayden Garcia—2nd Place
Sonya Garcia—3rd Place
Del Garner—4th Place
Class 7704—
Bonnie Coryell—1st Place
Jessica Pelloni—2nd Place
Anna Forbes—3rd Place
Hayden Garcia—4th Place
Chayton Bumguardner—5th Place
Elena Forbes—6th Place
Del Garner—
Class 7705—
Sonya Garcia—1st Place
Class 7706—
Hoyt Garcia—1st Place
Whitney Rusher—2nd Place
Hayden Garcia—3rd Place
Del Garner—4th Place
Whitney Rusher—5th Place

Sheep Lead Results
Wee Peep
1st Milo Brennan
2nd John Raley
Bo Peep
1st Miles Franklin
2nd Thomas Theos
3rd Teagn Smith
Little Bo Peep
1st Josephine Coryell
2nd Hannah Coryell
3rd Brodee Kilduff
Wee Peep 
1st Jada Gould 
2nd Hattie Brennan
3rd Grayson Coryell
Bo Peep
1st Leah Wood
2nd Angelina Forunato
3rd Braydin Raley