Andy Key runs for Rangely board: To represent people

Andy Key

Andy Key
Andy Key
RANGELY I This spring, voters in Rangely will chose from a field of 10 candidates to fill three open positions on the Rangely Town Board of Trustees. Vying for one of those positions is 29-year-old Rangely native Andy Key.

Key said he decided to run for town trustee out of a desire to improve the community.
“We all have a civic duty, and I believe mine is to represent the people of Rangely,” he said. “I have developed a deep passion for politics where I have learned the importance of having an informed and motivated representative, and I am both of these. Also, being a well-rounded town council member will give me an opportunity to give back to our community.”
Key said he envisions a more diversified and transparent future for the town, saying, “We need to see residential, commercial and economic growth in Rangely.
“I would love to see the economy not rely so much on fossil fuels; will that be difficult?” he asked. “Absolutely! With the right leadership it can be done.
“I would (also) like to see a much higher transparency between the council and the people,” he said. “The trustees are a voice for the people, but the people need to know what is going on. I would also like to get the community more involved in what is going on at the town council meetings.”
Community involvement is not new to Key, who says he has become increasingly active in the political process over the last six years.
“I am currently serving as a Rio Blanco County Republican Precinct Two Chairman. I have served as state delegate. I have also attended political summits, conventions, and workshops,” he said.
Key grew up in Rangely, leaving only briefly to earn his degree from Colorado Mesa, which he believes helps to make him qualified for the job.
“From obtaining my bachelor of business administration, I am proficient in subjects such as accounting, finance, management, environmental regulatory compliance and quantitative decision making,” he said. “I have a very analytical mind. I am very well-known for over-analyzing decisions.
“I think this is an important trait for this position,” he said. “I am highly motivated, very social, and a very approachable person. I love being challenged with difficult tasks. Taking over as a trustee will be difficult, but I’m up for this challenge,” he said.
“I love talking politics,” said Key, who is hopeful voters will reach out to learn more about him. “Like-minded or not, I enjoy listening to other people’s points of view,” he said. “I am socially and fiscally conservative. I believe in minimal government and personal responsibility. I would highly recommend people to contact me if they would like to learn more about me.
“I can be reached on most social media platforms,” he said.