Brennans win Range Call Ranch Rodeo

MEEKER — The final event of the annual Ranch Rodeo, the trailer loading, determined the winners of the prestigious belt buckles.
Jim Brennan and his sons Neil and Matt, his daughter-in-law Kari Brennan, along with Roy Gilbert, won the final event to earn the bragging rights for the next year.
The Brennans, who also won the saddle scramble, were tied with the Turner team, which consisted of Coley Turner, his son Casey, his twin sisters Hallie (Blunt) and Molly (Theos) and his nephew Sheridan Harvey, going into the final event.
The Turners had won the penning competition and a new event, the rawhide race.
In the rawhide race, one team member stood in the middle of the arena on a rubber mat, which was attached to a rope. The cowboy on the mat would hand the coiled rope to a team member on a horse, racing to the center. While the rider dallied the rope, the other cowboy would lay on the mat and hang on, as he was pulled around a barrel, then raced back across the arena in the opposite direction. Harvey handed his rope to his aunt Hallie, who never really looked back as they raced across the finish line in record time amid the cheers of a large crowd.
“We are starting to have teams like the Turners, the Andersons and our team, where our kids are old enough to participate,” Jackie Klinglesmith, one of the organizers said.
Klinglesmith’s daughter Lori Ann was on the same team as her dad Lenny, her uncle Ladd, grandfather Lowell and Buddy Pakuer. The Klinglesmiths finished third in two events and fourth overall.
The Anderson team, which included Travis, Teresa and Clay Anderson, Bo Brown and Justin Evittt, were second in two events and third in two events to finish third overall.
Bruce and Zach Clatterbaugh, Brook Moore, Dusty Seely and Terry Jost won the team doctoring, the fifth event of the ranch rodeo.
Bill, Brandan, Erica and Evan Stewart and J.J. Warner placed second in the penning competition, the only other team to place in the top three in one of the events.
The Allred team, last year’s runners-up and the only team from Rangely, were not as fortunate this year. Hank, Wade and Katye Allred and Barry Wardell and Erin Watson, did not place in the top four this year.
Paul, Janelle and Terry Urista, along with Bob and Greg Klenda made up the Urista team and rounded out the competition.