Buglers bugle in camouflage

MEEKER I The Meeker Police Department would like to thank White River Electric Association for their support with this annual event. Another thank you to our judges this year: Roston Steiner, Jeff McGuire and Jarrett Waldref.

Grand Champion Bugler
Brendan Clatterbaugh

Camo Contest
Spencer Gates
Ashlynn Heck
Damien Kent
Isabella Heck
Dillion Hobbs
Brealyn Garcia

Bugling Contest
Reese Clatterbaugh
Landon Lopez
Dillion Hobbs
Clay Randall

First Grade
Averee Woodward
Logan Pozorski
Spencer Gates
Reed Goedert

Second Grade
Austin Lopez
Isabella Heck

Third Grade
Kaleb Nielsen
Peter Hanks
Brealyn Garcia
Brooke Archuleta

Fourth Grade
Chayton Bumgardner
Colby Clatterbaugh
Jeremy Woodward
Emily Lani
Braydon Garcia

Fifth Grade
Kesston Hobbs
Ashlyn Heck
Jillian Bumgardner