Busy meeting for Meeker trustees

MEEKER | At the most recent Meeker Board of Trustees meeting on Nov. 3, many items were on the agenda, making for a discussion-filled meeting.

2020 business grant program

Suzan Pelloni has recently purchased the building on Sixth and Main for her real estate endeavors. The building is in need of renovations and she asked if there were any grant funds available. The board talked about the possibility of reopening the 2020 Business Grant Program to fund Pelloni’s request. There was a lot of discussion regarding reopening the program but it was ultimately decided that there was not enough time before the end of the year to reopen the grant program to every business and fulfill Pelloni’s inquiry about grant funds. Wendll’s co-owner Bobby Gutierrez asked for the board to redistribute funds for his previous “drive-through” idea because of circumstances. Due to the constant changes and uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, a drive-through is just not possible this year. Gutierrez has asked for the remainder of the grant ($2,175) to be applied to the purchase of a new coffee roaster. In response the board approved the reallocation of grant money, as well as extending Wendll’s deadline to Dec. 15 for submitting reimbursements.

Dispatch fees

The board discussed the amount needed to fund dispatch. The overall consensus at the meeting was that for now, dispatch was here to stay. RBC Sheriff Anthony Mazzola personally thanked the board for their continuous support and commitment behind dispatch from the very beginning saying, “Your support meant a lot to us and it meant a lot to the dispatchers.” After much discussion it was decided that $80,000 will be adopted for the 2021 dispatch budget in December. “We have time to do it right and that’s most important. We have a year to get this put together,” said Town Manager Lisa Cook.

Mustang makeover donation

After a successful showcase in early September, Deirdre Macnab, from Meeker Mustang Makeover (MMM), requested a $2,500 contribution for the 2021 showcase. Macnab also noted that the BLM has allowed the MMM to gather local mustangs. She thanked the Board of Trustees for their previous contribution to the makeover. The board will fully fund the request for a $2,500 donation.

Overton recycling contract

In other news the board will sign with Overton Recycling for 2021 recycling services. It is the same agreement they signed last at this time with Eagle River Waste. Overton Recycling will receive $15,000 for the year 2021, decreasing $6,000 from last year.

Riparian presentation

John Leary of Rivers Edge asked the trustees to consider partnering with him for betterment of riparian health. Leary also asked Meeker Water Conservation to sign with him but they decided not to sign. The board will review his memorandum of understanding at the next meeting.

Other business

In other business, the town is looking to fill two positions, one town position and a vacant PD position. Cook has gotten permission to fulfill both positions. Also, David Smith’s permit at Ute Park has been extended and his cows will be moved off the land on Dec. 18.

Mayor’s remarks

Mayor Kent Borchard warned the community that COVID-19, “Is not something to ignore.” He has asked for everyone to wear their masks and socially distance whenever possible as we’ve seen an uptake in cases in the community recently.

By NIKI TURNER – editor@ht1885.com